Friday, April 13, 2007

Worst thing to happen to a cell phone buyer!!!

This could be a boring story for many... but the fact is it could happen to anyone..

I bought this stupid Nokia 6270 at Chennai on Feb 3,2007.

After using it for about 20 days the handset became dead... I went to the so called service center run by another stupid HCL and I was told that it will take a weeks time for them to service it.

They said some water could have seeped in and thats why the phone is dead... I bacame furious and asked them to check whether any water is logged in the handset...

They checked and told me immediately that no water is found inside, but they will service and give it to me..

I never know why this is happening only in India. A new handset costing Rs.13,500/- goes dead in 20 days and the Authorised service center says that they cannot replace the handset but can only repair it.

Helplessly I had to accept their answer and come back. I was asked to call up after 1 week which I did everyday after that 1 week.

After 20 days of research or service they said they cant service it, and they will arrange for a replacement, which I will get by another 10 days.

Days passed by ... and I was handed over the handset on March 30th 2007. Again on April 4th the phone was not working !!

What a great after sales service from NOKIA. Service guys shamelessly say that they can't do anything about it....

Beware of NOKIA products.